Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stranger in a strange land...

Fair to say, I'm sure no one expects a KU fan to show up and offer substantive, informative talk to a blog which is Mizzou-centric. But, hey, someone has to.

To pay homage...

First, big thanks to Bill for extending the invitation to allowing me to offer my own opinion and snarky comments on, hopefully, not just Missouri sports, but also the Big XII, and my own center of expertise, KU.

A nice win for the Tigers last night. I'd be lying if I said I watched any of the game, but from what I understand, Mike Anderson's squad continues to play as well on the road as any other team plays at home. And, as Oklahoma and Oklahoma State can atest... sometimes better than the home team.

Few things in this world would make me openly cheer for the Tigers, however, if MU winning out, and doing damage in the Big XII tournament knocks K-State out of contention for the NCAA's... I would not only sing True Son at the top of my lungs... but I would also giggle like a school girl.

Just wanted to throw that one out there.

On the subject...

Of K-State. I'd like to address your attention to this photo from It raises many questions that I frankly cannot keep to myself.

Consider, by all accounts this chicken was dead when it landed on the floor of Bramelege Coliseum. And, I would even go so far as to say, freshly dead. Given that fact, someone had to purchase this chicken the day of the game, and at some point kill it. Whether this was prior to getting the doors or after... it also means that someone was sitting in the arena... holding a dead chicken for at least a couple of hours. And, KSU fans think they can talk trash of any kind?

I'll give the Antlers some credit. Their antics, while bizzarre, do not normally require the death of livestock. Yes, they may dress in drag for the KU game... but obviously the members of the Antlers enjoy it, since it has become an annual tradition ("Hey guys, we're wearing dresses on Saturday!" "Yaaah!!") But, for a fan to willingly kill a barnyard animal just to throw it onto the basketball court during pre-game... I feel a trip to a couch or padded cell is in order.

And, finally, because I can...

I look at this current KU team... and I want to book tickets to Atlanta (if I had the financial wherewithall), I really do. But, I would really like to see this team finish un-defeated in the regular season, and win the Big XII tournament. There is something to be said for playing the way KU has the past four games or so. Every possession has mattered... whether it was the sacrificial blood-letting against Nebraska or taking the K-State crowd out of it in the second half.

But, I've seen too many teams, KU especially, grow complacent when the competition is no longer as tough in the latter half of the season. That's why Monday's game terrified me. That's why Saturday's game worries me. And every game from now until KU proves they are not the team that folds when the opponent finally bites back.