Sunday, March 25, 2007

Holding a beaker that says "Funk"

I'm sure you're eagerly awaiting The Beef's wrestling season wrap-up, so in the meantime here's something to tide you over: a Ben Askren Q&A in the Trib. Not only is he likely the best athlete in Mizzou history...the dude's got personality.

Q: You’ve got the T-shirt with your picture that says "Funky," and I understand you’ve got a new one. Can you describe it?

A: It says, "Askren Labs," and it has me in a science coat. I’m holding a beaker that says, "Funk." On it, it says, "Doing to wrestling what BALCO did to baseball: making it interesting."

Q: How are the T-shirt sales going?

A: We sold quite a few in Detroit, but then my salesman got kicked out of the building. It would have went better had that not happened. He actually got kicked all the way out of the parking lot.

Q: How do you plan to sell them?

A: I’ve been ridiculously busy, but I’m going to sell them on the Internet. I’m going to get hooked up with a few wrestling Web sites and a wrestling catalog or two.