Friday, March 30, 2007

The Price you pay

As the Jayhawks prepare to visit the friendly confines of Taylor Stadium, to do battle against the noble Tigers on Simmons Field, the Kansas head coatch, Mr. Ritch (no that's not a spelling error) Price, had these words to say to the local newspaper:

Conference talk aside, this weekend’s series will never waver far from the rivalry that is the Border Showdown — no matter what the sport.The Tiger players won’t be the only ones looking to avenge the Jayhawks’ taking three of four from them last

“I’ve been coaching 29 years and I’ve never seen as brutal as it is,” Price said. “I’ll be real honest with you, some of the things said out in the stands shouldn’t even be said at a college baseball game. I think the difference is when you’ve got 60,000 football fans you can’t hear the one idiot in the stands. You go to a baseball game with 1,500 people that one loudmouth stands out bright and clear.”

Do you suppose Coatch Ritch would be less sensitive about heckling from MU fans if he hadn't put three of his own sons on his team, in effect setting them up as targets for the hecklers? Oh, and let's not forget the incident last year when one of the nepotism trio collided with Brock Bond on the base paths and prompted a brawl.

Price came to Kansas from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo. I have no doubt the rivalries are more brutal and the fans more intense in the big XII than on the California beach. That's the price you pay for running with the big dogs, Ritchie.

Warning: If you see a tubby bald guy hopping around in a backwards circle near Simmons Field this afternoon, waving a beheaded Jayhawk in the air and endlessly chanting, "kwahyaj kclahckcor! kwahyaj kclahckcor!" over and over again, don't be afraid.

It's just me, doing a reverse rain dance in hopes this weekend's 3-game set against the Jayhawks won't be completely washed out by the weather.