Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quick Wrestling Wrap-up

I only say quick now because I plan to break the season down (next season that is) a little more in a couple of weeks. But for are my thoughts.

  • Was anyone else intrigued just a little when Ben Askren's match was 2-2 to start the 3rd period? Even just a little nervous? :-)
  • What a tremendous way for Matt Pell to finish his career. I would have never guessed he had that much left in the tank (considering how I believe he had none left). To be an All-American at two different weights (never mind the fact the weight classes are not consecutive) is just impressive and belies a greater message that he gave up everything (his own weight class especially) for the betterment of the team.
  • Anyone else REALLY happy to see Hendricks lose last night?
  • Another nice finish for Tyler McCormick, who will be one of the leaders next year. Four of the top seven in 133 will move on, and I can potentially see where Adam Frey of Cornell moves up to 141 (since he could not make weight at 133 against Tyler). That means that Tyler could be right there with Coleman Scott of Okie State and Mack Reiter of MN for leader of that class. And considering he has wins over both this year....well...should be exciting for him and us.
  • Brian Smith, continued kudos to you. Here's hoping the administration shows you the respect you deserve for what you have been able to accomplish.
As I said...more thoughts to come with a breakdown of each class and expectations for next year. But for now, I have laundry to do and the NCAA tourney to watch.