Friday, March 16, 2007

Thoughts on Tourney Day One...

* Michael's right--if Pitt doesn't come to play tomorrow, the Colonial Ass-kicking Association will have its second Sweet Sixteen team in two years.

* I always pick too many damn upsets. I always manage to forget that, in probably 2 of every 3 years, all the upsets happen in the second round, not the first. I was impressed, though, that even though I picked 3 non-8/9 or 7/10 upsets, I didn't pick the one that actually ended up being an upset (VCU > Duke).

* I jinxed Duke nicely. I really should have picked KU to go all the way.

* The ATM-Louisville game tomorrow could be VERY good. I have ATM in the Elite Eight, and even before yesterday I was much more worried about Louisville than whoever they would play in the Sweet 16 (Memphis/Nevada/Creighton).

* Note to self: you can go ahead and 'vow' to pick certain teams as upsets in the first round before the draw is revealed, but if your upset team ends up being a 14-seed or worse (Oral Roberts, for example), ABORT. There will be 3/14 and 2/15 upsets sometimes, but you will never ever predict them. Just pick chalk for the 1-3 seeds.

* Even though I only went 11-5 on Day One (not all that great), I only lost 2 Sweet 16 teams and 0 Elite Eight teams, so it could be worse. I won't win any pools, but I won't finish last either.