Friday, March 16, 2007

Two Days of the Tourney are down...

...and while there have been some entertaining moments, I must say it almost appears that everybody associated with this year's tourney has done their collective best to prove the esteemed trripleplay correct. Borrrrrrr-ing.

So instead of commenting on the day's action, I'll just make trripleplay super-happy by posting the Trip Diary from last weekend's trip to Vegas. Infinitely longer, and much more me, anyway.

I will also justify posting this here by pointing out that one entry (of about 10,000) mentions Mizzou. So there.

Vegas Trip Diary

Cast of characters:

The Beef – the reason for the trip.

The Boy – me.

Shep – long-time friend, Vegas veteran and trip-planner extraordinaire.

Intern – The Beef’s soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Cleric Loal – long-time friend of The Beef from San Francisco, will preside over The Beef’s wedding in May.

Tondro – long-time friend of The Beef from San Diego.

Dan – long-time friend of The Beef from St. Louis.

Jazz – long-time friend, Dan’s roommate.

Josh – long-time friend of The Beef from St. Paul.

Schwam – The Beef’s dad.

Uncle Paul – The Beef’s uncle.

Barker Et Al – long-time friend of The Beef + his girlfriend, girlfriend’s sister, and girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend.

Lori and Consuela – our Thursday flight attendants. They came around pretty well.

Misty and Sarah – our Sunday flight attendants. Best flight attendants ever.



6:50pm – The Beef throws down the gauntlet. Upon reviewing the In-N-Out Burger “Secret Menu”, he will be eating a 3x3 Animal Style burger with Animal Style fries while in Vegas. Animal style = extra cheese, grilled onions, and ‘spread’, which is basically a tastier thousand island dressing. So as not to have his manhood questioned, The Boy must now eat the same.


4:15pm – Intern gets 25 $8.50 cigars for $53 (with tax). Not bad, not bad.

9:20 – After a stop at Sub Shop, Shep and The Boy arrive at Casa The Beef, ready for the next morning’s super-early flight.


7:30am – Throwing down two rounds of large drinks at the StL airport bar (which Shep thinks should be called The Black Box) after waiting a few minutes for it to open. If we’re using Vegas time (5:30) this is by far the most we’ve drank by this time in the morning…at least since the all-night tailgate before the 2001 Nebraska game.

7:50 – Time to board. We can’t find Shep.

7:52 – Shep is here (sans a delicious breakfast sandwich he hoped to buy, he’ll have to settle for snack pack on the plane)!

7:58 – The Boy is talking to his wife on the phone, finds out bartender paid for second round of drinks at hotel bar since it’s The Beef’s bachelor party. The Boy to his wife: “See? We’re saving money already!” The Beef kicks The Boy in the knee.

8:00 – Everybody’s trying to get Intern to hit on Flight Attendant Lori, the relatively hot stewardess who doesn’t know she’s getting into the trip diary.

8:10 – Flight takes off. From now on, we’re working on Vegas time.

6:25 (Vegas Time) – Shep has 7 books of drink tickets. We just used Book #1 (each book is basically 1 beer for everybody). Flight Attendants hand out delicious Snack Packs, and everyone gives their dried fruit to Shep…he loves him some dried fruit.

6:35 – Book #2 is gone.

6:45 - The “Fasten Seatbelt” light is on, so Consuela the Flight Attendant won’t let us pee. Woman, we’ve already had 5 beers each. You’re playing with fire here.

6:55 – We’re nice, so we make change (for a $20) for Consuela even though she’s ruining our bladders.

7:00 – Book #3 is gone.

7:10 – We’re nice, so we make change (for a $50) for Consuela even though she STILL won’t let us pee because the damn Fasten Seatbelt light is still on.

7:45 – Book #4 is gone. Using Vegas Time, this is definitely the most beer we’ve had before 8am.

8:25 – Consuela buys us a round of drinks for making change for her. ALL IS FORGIVEN. BUT WE REALLY HAVE TO PEE. (Note: Shep later chats up Consuela and she tells him all about NASCAR in Vegas and how she’s from Hawaii, soooo…her name probably wasn’t Consuela.)

8:35 – Flight Attendant Lori sees The Boy typing on laptop, thinks he’s doing work, wonders if that’s very smart right about now. Oh, it’s smart. It’s very smart.

9:00 – Last call! We’ve run Southwest Airlines out of Bud Select and Heineken and used 7 drink books.

9:30 – Land safely at McCarran International Airport, approximately 18 sheets to the wind.

9:31 – Shep and Intern get their picture taken with cute Lori in the flight attendant jump seat. Shep looks appropriately Shepwrecked.

10:15 – Waiting for Schwam. Time for a 32-oz beer at the airport. Roughly 15 beers before 10:30 am. In an odd salute to the weekend we drink at the Budweiser Go #8 NASCAR Bar.

10:25 – Schwam’s here! Shep gives him a big bear hug outside of the NASCAR Bar. Time to catch a cab to the Excalibur.

10:35 – Cab line too long. Let’s get a limo!

10:45 – Somebody pays for the limo. Not sure who. But we’re at the Excalibur!

Approximately 1:00pm (no idea for sure) – The Boy starts getting, shall we say, iffy. Goes back to room to pass out, er, take a nap. (Shep’s Note: Before going back to the room The Boy nearly slumps out of the school desk chair at the Mandalay Bay Sports Book, yes the place they film the faboulous Las Vegas TV show. Shep walks The Boy back to the elevators at the ‘bur to make sure he makes it)

2:15 – Josh brought freeze-dried sausage from a client. The Beef eats some. The Beef will die soon.

2:30 – The group (sans The Boy) takes a trip to the Luxor pool. The Beef starts getting, shall we say, iffy, but for a different reason.

3:00 – Shep enters the The Boy/Intern/Shep room to find all the lights on, the TV blasting Hanging with Mr. Cooper and Swill not moving at all. Shep confirms that The Boy is alive and then takes a nap.

5:05 – The Boy’s alive! And amazingly dehydrated!

5:15 – The Beef is puking. And not because of alcohol. Well...not mostly, anyway. Damn West Nile Sausage Virus.

6:30 – Time to go to the sports book to watch the Missouri-Baylor game. Shouldn’t be much of a game—Missouri should win easily.

8:30 – Baylor wins easily.

8:45 – Intern stops by roulette table. He proceeds to put $5 on four different numbers in order to “see if I’m going to have a really good weekend or if I have to be conservative with my money.” Putting money on four numbers is basically a 1-in-9.5 chance of winning. Not smart odds.

8:46 – Intern wins. Of course he does. Intern: “So did I break even?” Tondro: “Um, and then some.” Intern laid down $20, and now he has about $180.

8:47 – Dealer: “Changing black!” A couple of the best words you can hear in Vegas.

8:48 – Intern: “VEGAS BABY VEGAS.”

9:15 – It’s off to the Rio because Shep has free VIP passes for the Voodoo Lounge at the top of the building. You see the entire strip all lit up and pretty. Beers are $6. The Boy’s going (mostly) dry tonight.

10:15 – Tondro buys The Beef a $26 fruity drink smoking with dry ice. The Beef is about to die twice.

11:00 – This is an official Vegas club. A girl in a bikini just got on top of a lit-up box and started dancing.

11:30 – The group is in love with Dancer #2. So is the extremely creepy old guy with a Corona in his hand who is watching her from 2 feet away and attempting to talk to her.

11:50 - He’s STILL trying to talk to her. What comes after creepy? And does this guy’s wife know he’s made it into the trip diary?


12:00am – Time for a trip to the Tilted Kilt, at the bottom of the Rio.

12:25 – The Beef falls asleep at the Tilted Kilt.

12:35 – The Boy, The Beef, and Josh head back to Excalibur.

1:05 – The Boy finally pees! First time in about 15 hours.

1:40 – Dan gets into argument with blackjack dealer at Harrah’s over how much he should get on a payout. Ruins his night.

2:00 – The Boy goes to play blackjack at the Ex.

2:30 – Dan (on the way to another casino): “Hold on, let’s see where The Beef wants to go. Oh that’s right, he went back.” Cruel.

3:30 – Everybody is back in Room #22209 (The Boy, Shep, Intern). The Boy is up $50, and Intern is high on Vegas.

6:30 – Intern’s phone alarm goes off, messing up Shep’s system. He will now wake up every 15 minutes for the next 3.5 hours.

10:30 – While searching for the nearest Starbucks (there are only about 10,000 of them in Vegas), The Boy sends text message to wife at work: “I’m up.” The Boy’s wife, who has been at been at work for 5 hours in Missouri, is unimpressed.

11:00 – The Beef is dead again. He tried to keep a little breakfast down, and he was rebuffed. Dried sausage + dry ice = bad news. Damn West Nile Sausage Virus.

2:00 – Lunch for Intern, Shep, Tondro, and The Boy at Nine Fine Irishmen at New York-New York. Damn tasty and a lovely elevated patio view of the area.

2:15 – Girl in Cookie Monster shirt is seen below on the phone and crying. The group tries to convince the Intern to go and console her. He does not take advantage of this opportunity, the first of many blown chances for the Intern.

2:30 – Shep sends text message to friends in MO: “The Beef is dead. Vegas rules.”

2:45 – Shep is reminiscing about Lori the Flight Attendant and is trying to figure out who took a picture of Shep, Lori, and Intern together after the flight. The Boy: “I’m not sure, but it wasn’t me. I don’t have any recollection of taking a picture of you guys with my phone.” Intern: “Check your phone.” The Boy: “Okay, but there’s no way it was…oh, I guess it was me.”

2:55 – The Beef is alive! We’ll meet up with him later.

3:15 – Richie, our Bartender at the Monte Carlo, who calls himself our don: “What do you call a blonde with a runny nose? Full!” Oy.

3:58 – Shep, The Boy, Intern, Josh, and Tondro stop for walking sticks (beers for the walk).

4:00 – Shep, The Boy and Intern get in trouble for loitering. IN VEGAS.

4:55 – The Beef keeps food down!

5:15 – The Beef and The Boy head off to the Thomas & Mack Center for a Mountain West Semifinal game (Wyoming vs BYU). Because, you know, that’s what people do for their bachelor party.

6:05 – The first argument of the trip! Back at the hotel, a few people want to eat cheap and go to the casinos. A few want to eat an expensive meal. Tension is abound until an amazing conclusion is reached: each person can do what they want to do. The problem solving skills of multiple Mizzou grads on display.

6:15 – At dinner, Cleric Loal is telling a story about an argument with his wife: “And so I told her, ‘When you married me, you thought I would change. Now that I haven’t, you’re pissed at yourself!’” Not sure there’s a joke for this.

6:20 – Meanwhile, BYU is beating Wyoming 29-5. Oy.

8:05 – The basketball game is over (Wyoming at least made it a game in the second half). Time to meet up with the others at Paris Casino.

8:55 – Leaving Paris. The Boy: “That’s a mighty big Eiffel Tower.” Dan: “One of the biggest.” Smartass.

9:00 – On to O’Shea’s! The Boy wins another $50.

9:30 – On the way to Harrah’s, Dan buys a round of Land Shark Lager for everybody at Margaritaville.

10:05 – Arrive at Harrah’s, where Cleric Loal, Josh, and Jazz will proceed to be hypnotized by the Piano Bar performers for the next 2.5 hours.

10:15 – The Beef wins $400 on video poker. Bastard. Meanwhile, The Boy loses $20 in about 25 seconds. His good gambling karma is gone.

10:30 – The “Cocktails, Cigarettes, Flower?” woman in the Harrah’s sports book tells us that you can do a lot of things, but don’t grab her ass. Good to know. She also tells us that her fake name would be Candy. We believe her “real” name was Heather. Eunice the 96-year old cocktail waitress also brings us free drinks even though we are not gambling.

11:00 – Intern, Shep and Tondro drink the worst car bomb ever. Apparently in Vegas you just mix everything in the same glass, Shep almost throws up in his mouth.

11:30 – Jealous of the Heineken keg can The Boy just bought for himself, Josh and Tondro decide to buy themselves an actual Heineken mini-keg.


12:30am – On to Casino Royale, or as Shep calls it, “Casino McF---in’ Royale…WITH CHEESE!” Casino Royale is the home of the $1 Michelob.

12:40 – Intern gets married at the Casino Royale. Cleric Loal does the ‘ceremony’. Cleric Loal: “We’re here to bring together...I’m sorry, what’s your name? Intern. And...I’m sorry, what’s your name? Intern’s wife: “Jen.” Intern: “My wife’s name is Jen. Good to know.”

12:41 – Because Cleric Loal is a Jewish cleric, it’s time to step on a glass. Cleric Loal: “Hey Josh, give me your plastic cup!” SMASH. “Hey, that was for my keg can!”

12:42 – Because Cleric Loal is a Jewish cleric, it’s time for the hoisting of the wife into the air. Shep and Intern do the honors.

12:43 – Deputy Dan of the Casino Royale breaks Shep’s shoulder, telling him that in his casino, everybody keeps two feet on the ground. Remember that the next time you find yourself at the Casino Royale With Cheese.

12:55 –Josh and Tondro get kicked out of the Casino Royale for bringing in their own mini-keg. What a great purchase that was.

1:10 – Intern runs into his ‘wife’ back at Harrah’s, gets to meet his wife’s fiancĂ©. Awkward.

1:35 – Dan realizes that, for the money he paid for the round of Land Shark Lager, he could have bought 48 Michelobs.

1:40 – Josh is still dragging around that damn mini-keg.

2:30 – Dan is still kicking himself about the 48 Michelobs.

2:55 – Josh is still dragging around that damn mini-keg, it has now made appearances at the Bellagio and New York New York as well.

People get back to the hotel between 3:00 and 5:00. Josh doesn’t know when he got in. Jazz is off the grid until mid-afternoon.

12:30pm – The Beef, Schwam, Uncle Paul, The Boy, Tondro, and Josh head off to check out the hotels they can’t afford (Bellagio, Caesar’s, etc.).

1:40 – The Boy sends text to wife, asking if she wants anything from the Celine Dion shop at Caesar’s. The Boy’s wife asks for a divorce.

2:15 – It’s off to In-N-Out Burger! The most eagerly awaited moment of the trip!

2:45 – Wow. Fantastic.

3:00 – Shep and Tondro get a massage (not from each other) at the Excalibur. Shep’s life is altered forever. Shep does not receive happy ending, Tondro does, although not necessarily at the Spa.

4:25 – Intern and The Boy go down to the sports book. They will be sitting in the same seats for the next 3.5 hours.

5:30 – Upon Dan’s urging, Intern makes his first ever sports bet, a 2-team parlay on two NBA games (Cleveland over Milwaukee, Utah over NO/OKC). Just so he has something to root for, The Boy bets on the same teams and parlays that with Cal Poly to cover. Smart.

7:05 – Cleveland wins a tight one. Intern celebrates, then realizes that he could very easily become addicted to sports gambling (like Dan).

8:00 – It’s buffet time!!

8:08 – Cleric Loal takes a break from drinking with purpose to propose a lovely toast.

8:13 – Dan eats some kind of meat called Menudo.

8:20 – Utah wins by 10, which is a push. That will hurt the parlay payout, but Intern still wins money. The Boy needs Poly to cover.

8:30 – Dan brings some odd fortune cookies to the table that don’t make sense, even when adding “in bed” to the end. Intern thinks the “lucky numbers” on the back would make good roulette numbers.

9:15 – It’s time to hit the town once again, after a stop at the Grand Canyon Experience convenience store for walking sticks. The Beef and Schwam take a picture together with their beers in paper sacks. Mrs. Schwam will be very proud.

9:35 – Poly very much does not cover.

10:35 – Barker Et Al meet up with the group outside O’Shea’s.

10:38 – The Boy begins to play some more blackjack.

10:42 – The Boy is down $50 and calls it quits.

10:45 – Cleric Loal finds a bachelorette party walking by. Hope, the bride, somehow agrees to do a “Suck and Blow” shot with The Beef. Liquor hits The Beef’s throat at Mach 2, bounces off of his face onto hers. Hope’s friend: “You shot it on her face!” Uhh.

11:55 – Another trip to Harrah’s. While sitting in a mostly-empty sports book, Tondro gives Cuban Cigars to everyone who wants one (The Beef, Intern, Dan, etc.).


12:45 – Cuban Cigars have defeated everybody handily.

2:00/3:00am – Worst Spring Forward ever. Plus, the group has made its way to the Venetian, where the options are a) cover band that Loal, Josh, and Tondro are absolutely loving, b) minimum $25 blackjack, or c) go back to the Excalibur.

3:30 – Back at Excalibur, The Boy decides to play some more blackjack.

3:34 – The Boy is down ANOTHER $50, calls it quits for the trip after losing 11 of 13 hands at O’Shea’s and Excalibur. Boo.

3:55 – Intern gets back to the hotel room, says he met a cute girl downstairs and is going back downstairs to meet her.

3:56 – Intern comes to the realization that she was most likely a prostitute, decides against meeting up with her.

~4:45 – Loal, Josh, and Tondro close down the bar where the cover band is playing. I didn’t even know bars closed here. Loal’s been dancing like only Loal can for the last 2+ hours.

9:00 – Josh, in full Father-of-Two mode, can’t sleep past 9am no matter how late he gets in. So what does he do? He goes walking. All the way to the freaking Wynn. I’m pretty sure the Hoover Dam would be a shorter walk than that.

11:15 – Down big for the trip, Dan starts a gambling rally with some big wagers. If Ohio State and Texas cover, he’s back in the game.

1:30 – Ohio State’s going to cover easily, and all he needs now is for Texas to lose by <7. As long as the game doesn’t go to overtime, he’s probably in the clear.

1:35 – Game goes into overtime. Jazz is watching the game with Dan (who has moved from the sports book to the bar). Jazz very much fears for his own safety.

1:37 – Dan pees himself. (I think I’m making this entry up, but I’m not totally sure.)

1:50 – Texas covers! Dan makes up $575 of his losses in one afternoon.

3:30 – The Boy gets a little too outraged about Arkansas making the NCAA tourney.

3:50 – It’s off to In-N-Out Burger again. That’s right, two animal style 3x3’s in about 26 hours.

4:25 – Mmm. So good. It’s okay if your heartrate changes every 2-3 seconds, right? Right?

4:30 – There is a full roll of toilet paper and a pair of tighty whities lying on the ground by the stoplight at the In-N-Out intersection. Somebody had a really interesting night last night.

5:00 – Back at the Excalibur. Intern decides to end the trip the same way it began, by once again putting $5 on four numbers at “his” roulette table. AND HE WINS AGAIN. Of course he does. Another $180 for Intern! Needless to say, the odds of that were miniscule.

5:01 – Intern: “VEGAS BABY VEGAS.”

5:20 – It’s off to the airport. Farewell to the Excalibur. You’ve been so good to some of us. And not so good to others.

7:58 – Intern has a choice to make. There’s an empty seat between Jazz and a really hot college-age girl and an empty seat between The Boy and The Beef. AND HE CHOOSES TO SIT BETWEEN THE BOY AND THE BEEF.

8:00ish – What will soon become the Greatest Flight Ever takes off, relatively on time. It’s back to Missouri Time for the diary!

10:05 (Missouri Time) – Fiery Flight Attendant tells Shep she will cut off his hand if he reaches across the aisle again. Uhh. Not sure if she was joking or not. These damn Southwest attendants…

10:15 – Intern asks Nice Flight Attendant if she can ask the pilot to dump urine as we fly over Lawrence.

10:30 – As we desperately attempt to remember items to add to the trip diary, Intern gazes lovingly at the gigantic bag of peanut packets Nice Flight Attendant is handling. So she hands him the entire bag. This trip has been so good to Intern.

10:31 – Shep turns into Oliver, begging for peanuts.

10:32 – A round of free drinks from the Nice Flight Attendant!! Beer and peanuts all around! This night has taken an ugly turn.

10:40 – Jazz strikes up conversation with Hot College Girl in the row ahead of The Boy, The Beef, and Intern. Her name is Carly. We overhear her saying things like “I love Mike Anderson,” and “I work at Johnny’s Beanery.” Intern comes to the realization that he could not have made a more incorrect choice of seats.

10:45 – Apparently all drinks tonight will be free. UGLY TURN.

10:50 – Intern: “I hope the flight attendant doesn’t need us to make change again. I took all of Vegas’ money and only have big The Boys.” The Boy beats him in the head with a bag of peanuts.

11:20 – Shep (to Nice Flight Attendant): “Your name is Misty? What’s the other one’s name?” Nice Flight Attendant: “You mean the one who’s going to kick your ass? That’s Sarah.”

11:29 – Intern has his picture taken using the flight attendant’s oxygen mask as a beer bong. Nice Flight Attendant: “I’m not worried about it, other than the fact that the next flight attendant is going to smell beer and suspect somebody!”

11:33 – Sarah slaps a sticker that says “Please Change Me!! I’m leaking!!” onto the foreheads of Shep, The Beef, and The Boy.

11:34 – Free plastic wings! And a deck of cards! We’re officially the Southwest Flight Attendants’ favorite passengers, possibly ever. Can’t say the same about how the other passengers view us.

11:36 – The Beef gets adhesive from the stickers stuck on his glasses. “I can’t go to work like this!”

11:42 – The plane is out of Bud Select! Again!

11:44 – I can’t keep up with all of this action. Intern: “Hey Sarah? Uhh, this beer is, uhh, pretty old. So you uhh…” Sarah: “Are all of his stories this good?” ZING!

11:45 – Intern calls Sarah a bad word. Sarah makes Intern cry.

11:56 – Intern is back to giggling about winning the last roulette hand. The Beef punches him in the ear.

11:59 – Dan hands his iPod to Intern, tells him to listen to the song that’s playing. It’s the Budweiser “Here Comes the King” song, only with words. It’s apparently the greatest song ever created. Intern loves it, immediately vows to come out to Dan’s place so he can get the song put on his own iPod.


12:02am – The Beef is now listening to the song, cannot help but bob his head from side to side.

12:05 – Shep just made the single greatest, most joyous facial expression I’ve ever seen upon hearing the words to “Here Comes the King” for the first time. I’m not sure I can give it justice. If he had just been told he’d won $10 million, his face wouldn’t have this much unabashed joy in it. This is the happiest moment in Shep’s life.

12:12 – Intern gets up to pee for the second time in 20 minutes. Misty: “Are you serious?” That’s the second time Intern’s manhood has been questioned by a flight attendant today.

12:18 – Shep just makes a John Denver/plane crash joke. WHILE ON A DAMN PLANE.

12:20 – Shep refers to Intern as “Sean” for the first time ever. It just sounds weird coming out of his mouth. Don’t ever do that again, Shep.

12:35 – While both flight attendants are at the front of the plane, Sean makes a break for the bathroom even though the Fasten Seat Belts light is on. Over the intercom, we hear: “Hey, back row, middle seat. You’re in so much trouble right now. That’s right.” Have I mentioned how much we love these flight attendants? Words cannot even describe.

12:40 – Pilot announces that, because we aren’t flying with a tailwind like we’re supposed to, the flight’s going to take an extra 30 minutes. And nobody in our row cares! Now, the rows around us are probably never flying Southwest again.

12:45 – Shep begs Flight Attendants to do the “toilet paper trick.” Southwest’s new planes have toilets so strong that you could unroll a roll of toilet paper, stick the end of the roll into the toilet, and hit flush, and it would suck down the entire roll.

12:55 – Announcement over the intercom: “Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention please, we have a couple special friends on board with us tonight. First of all, The Beef is with us on his way back from his bachelor party in Las Vegas. Congratulations to The Beef. Also, we also have another special friend. His name is Shep. He is special because he is extremely easily amused and asked us to demonstrate the toilet paper trick. So for Shep, we will now demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the Southwest toilets.” Sarah unrolls the entire roll of t.p., from the back of the plane to the front, Misty hits flush. BEST FLIGHT EVER.

1:15 – Sarah sandbags us, dropping a “GO KANSAS STATE!” on us at the end of her otherwise great “Thank you for flying Southwest—we love taking your money” speech. Shep continues to try to win Sarah’s approval, even though she’s been nothing but cruel to him and even though it won’t ever happen. Later he realizes he may have found the answer to why women fall for assholes. It apparently works the other way around too.

1:20 – We finally land at beautiful Lambert International Airport.

1:35 – You would not believe the number of dirty looks are being flashed our way at baggage claim. I’ve never been hated by this many people before, and I work for the state!

1:45 – Baggage is claimed, and The Beef’s fiance is here to pick us up.

2:05 – The Boy decides to get a Red Bull, which Shep thinks is a very bold move. Shep fights off sleep as best he can for the duration of the drive back to Columbia.

3:15 – The Boy keeps talking to Shep to keep him awake...even though The Boy’s driving. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

3:50 – The Boy drops Shep off in Columbia.

7:00pm – The Boy watches Oceans Eleven while wrapping up trip diary since he now recognizes a lot of the locations.


9:46am – The trip diary is just about finished! The Boy has a sore throat and appears to be getting sick, but so does The Boy’s Vegas is acquitted of any wrongdoing. Hooray, Vegas! Just waiting on Shep’s additions to the diary...


9:46am – Still waiting on Shep’s additions to the diary...

3:26pm – DONE!