Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mizzou Links, 4-10-07

  • I try not to play the homer card too much, but this list is ridiculous. Andre Woodson, Matt Ryan, and Graham “I got destroyed at home by Chase Daniel and might not start this season” Harrell make the list, but Chase Daniel does not. Okie dokie.
  • Via Dave Matter’s blog...Joe Tiller closes practices because of bloggers. I think it’s safe to say that said bloggers (and I assume he’s talking about the Dave Matter-style bloggers, not the pseudonymous ones like, well, me) weren’t all that fond of what they were seeing in said open practices, eh?
  • Here are some notes from yesterday's scrimmage. Chase Daniel: 9-for-9, 145 yards, 2 TD's. Not know...for a QB's who's not one of the best in the nation...
  • Pitcher Rick Zagone: national co-pitcher of the week after his 1-hit shutout of K-State over the weekend.
  • Mizzou locks up wrestling coach Brian Smith for another five years. Lovely.
  • And now that Julian Wright has declared for the NBA draft (but hasn't hired an agent)...Doug? Thoughts? I realize he could still come back, but he's got that "upside" that scouts love, and they'll probably all be telling him that he's a Top 5 guy...I can't really see him saying no to that...