Friday, April 20, 2007

Mizzou Links, 4-20-07

  • Not surprising at all, but Mizzou Women's Basketball signee Shakara Jones was named Miss Show-Me Basketball. I don't know the last time we signed a girl who was offered by Tennessee...hopefully she lives up to the hype. Now we just need Yvonne Anderson (Mike's daughter) to sign next year, and Cindy Stein might be able to keep her job...pull some strings, Coach!
  • Mizzou hammer-thrower Shernelle Nicholls broke a national record! Granted, it was a Barbados national record, not a U.S. one, but that's still pretty damn impressive, right? She's qualified for NCAA regionals and is now in the Top 25 in the country...not bad.
  • If you're going to stage a Globetrotters-versus-Generals-esque exhibition, you probably shouldn't put Jason Sutherland on the Generals-esque team. Just sayin'. A fight might break out. Would love to have seen this, morbid curiosity would have been flying off the charts...
  • Looks like Max Scherzer is attempting to take the Luke Hochevar route. I guess being the #1 pick is more important to actually contributing to an organization. Good for Max, I guess, for figuring out how to increase his stature and make more money (though scouts say it's not going to work and he's just going to end up having wasted a year), but...I really, really, really hate Scott Boras.
  • And just to make sure I didn't go football-less in this post, here's a couple-days-old entry in Dave Matter's blog, which talks about, among other things, the kicker-holder relationship and William Moore's rap career. Good stuff as always from Dave. And here's a Ziggy Hood profile from the Missourian.

Big football recruiting weekend ahead for Mizzou. The B&G game itself is usually pretty important, but I'd say the recruiting situation is more important. If we can finally get Blaine Gabbert to commit this weekend (I say if he doesn't this weekend, it will be a mid- to late-summer decision at the earliest, and with his profile improving by the day, this probably wouldn't be a good thing for us), it could open the floodgates for us. Even if Gabbert never contributes on the field (it's doubtful that he'd flop, but never impossible), his impact on this recruiting class (he's tight with a lot of good players) could be huge. Cross your fingers.