Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mizzou Links, 4-5-07

I must say, I'm enjoying the thought of KSU losing Huggins to WV after one year. I doubt it happens, but it would be pretty funny. I guess I could go back and amend my "What If We Hired Bob Huggins?" post if that were to happen...

As for oh man. I was going to write a nice little rant yesterday about Arkansas being the perfect example of the inmates running the asylum, and of what happens when you fire a coach not because he stinks, but simply because you think your status as a program is much higher than it actually is...but then the rumors of massive academic trouble, failed drug tests, etc. started, so I'll wait on that post. Looks like the latest on Tigerboard is 2 failed drug tests and one academic thinking it was maybe pretty smart for Altman to stay at Creighton. Poor Frank Broyles should have retired a year ago.

  • Here's another writeup and gorgeous gallery of photos of Mizzou's John Kelly at Augusta.
  • This weekend's MU-KSU baseball series in Manhattan has been moved from Thurs-Sat to Fri-Sun due to the crappy weather. Seriously, it was mid-80s on Monday, severe thunderstorms on Tuesday, and when I walked to work yesterday morning it was 28 with heavy winds. I expect nothing less than sub-zero temperatures or raining frogs when I walk out the door in a little bit.
  • The Missourian has a nice profile of 2006's most pleasant and surprising, um, surprise...kicker Jeff Wolfert. As expected, he received a much-deserved scholarship in the offseason.
  • And finally, former Mizzou 2B Ian Kinsler is doing fantastic with the Rangers early on. Great to see.