Friday, April 6, 2007

Mizzou Links, 4-6-07

  • Here's the recap of John Kelly's first day at the Masters. Lots of really good players have been eaten up by holes 10-12...and that's exactly what killed Kelly's day. He was E on 1-9, +1 on 13-18...and +4 on 10-12. Here are his hole-by-hole stats from He tees off at 10:51am CST today, once again with playing partners Ben Crenshaw (who is +4) and Davis Love III (who is E).
  • Here's last night's football practice recap from Graham Watson, which does a nice job of detailing the battle for QB #2, Chase Patton vs Dominic Grooms. Honestly, if Patton wins the job, that's fine by me, but...if Grooms were to take the #2 spot, that might be better long-term. He could get a handful of snaps the next couple of years, and we could have a QB with at least some experience heading into 2009.
  • Here's Gabe Dearmond's "Powered Up" column yesterday, detailing how fans can't "quit" even if they want to. He's right, of course. During about the second conference game of the year, I realized how much healthier I'd be if I just stopped watching Mizzou basketball and stopped getting so worked up about how crappy Big XII officials were...but I watched every game this season, no matter how much crap my wife gave me for saying what I did. You're just wired that way...can't do anything about it...
  • And finally, the one unfortunate thing about the whole Bob Huggins situation is, I was going to write a basketball wrap-up/look-ahead this weekend, but until we know who K-State's new coach is (and which members of that recruiting class he'll be holding onto), there's really no point. So you'll just have to wait. I know it breaks your heart.