Friday, April 27, 2007

NFL Draft vs. A-B Draft the Boy referenced below, I have a challenge in front of me for Saturday morning/afternoon/early evening.

As a great friend of mine works for A-B, he has (with some assistance from yours truly) amassed over 32 different types of product either produced or distributed by A-B. They range from the standards (Bud, Bud Light, etc...) to other beers you know but did not realize A-B had a stake in, to other beers you have never heard of.

There will be eight of us attending this shin-dig on Saturday.

32 picks in the 1st round of the draft.

32 picks in the 4 rounds of the beer draft.

The order of selection will be chosen by the old fashioned double blind method (two hats, 8 names in 1, 8 numbers in the other). For each selection in the draft, someone will make a selection of beer. At that time, everyone will enjoy a 4 oz (shell glass size) sampling of the beer. I believe the beer draft order will be the standard fantasy horseshoe.

Mind you, in 2004 I was the person who watched EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of coverage of the NFL Draft (that's what happens when you are at home 500 miles away from most of your friends). I will let everyone know how it works out.

And yes, so there is SOMETHING in here Mizzou related, Softball really needs a split this weekend to have a chance at a regular season title. A split (and they have split previously with highly ranked OU and aTm) will put both Baylor and Mizzou at 12-3. Mizzou finishes at home against a .500 in conference NU. Baylor finishes at home (gosh...last FOUR conference games are at home) against highly ranked aTm and not-as-highly ranked UT.

But once again, FANTASTIC job by Coach E on what had to be a tough situation to come into. There will be some turnover on the team next year, but a great effort this season and there is plenty left to go.