Thursday, April 5, 2007

So, apparently someone asked about Huggins' buyout...

During the press conference. (I can't say for sure, since I didn't hear it, but you would think they would have too.) And, either Wefald or Weiser basically said: Yeah, well, West Virginia's buyout for Beilein didn't keep him there.

Yes, that's true, if Michigan wanted Beilein bad enough (which they did) the school may have paid even more than the original buyout. However, the buyout did give WVU $2.5 million of Michigan's money to go get another head coach.

Right now, I have the mental image of the WVU president strolling through the streets of Manhattan with a giant briefcase. He walks up to Wefald's office and opens the case, making sure everyone can see inside it. He carefully counts a hundred 100 dollar bills, and makes a show of handing them over while making sure everything can still see the briefcase is still over-flowing with cash. Then he grabs another handful of bills, walks over to the window and throws the money out for people to grab off the sidewalk. He snaps shut the briefcase and leaves with Huggins trailing after him, staring hungrily at the briefcase.

Suffice to say, perhaps you didn't see this move coming quite so soon, but the reality is both Huggins and K-State were using each other. Both parties wanted to get back to prominence. It's just that Huggins only needed a season to do it, thanks to the un-stable world of college coaching, and K-State may very well suffer a major set-back, depending on who they manage to get to take over the head coaching position.