Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

I figured I may not have too many more free Sundays for awhile, and anything to keep Bill and Doug off my ass about not posting enough

  • Well, certainly an interesting series sweep for Mizzou over Texas Tech, their first of the Big XII season. I am hoping trrip will have more on them later this week, but a nice comeback in the 9th inning today to secure the sweep. Also great work by Greg Folgia and Kyle Gibson (both frosh) who went LONG to cover the so-so outing of Rick Zagone and the quick outing by Stephan Holst. Jacob Priday also seems to have finally turned it around, and Mizzou will need his bat with road series remaining against UT and OSU (with a home series against OU remaining in conference). Hopefully, we should find Mizzou in the Top 25 for this week.
  • Cannot ask for much more from the softball team, they did what they needed to do this past weekend at Baylor. Winning yesterday assured them of at least a split, and while they could not sweep the series with a loss today, they are in very good position to contend for the regular season title, which is all you can ask for. It does not appear that either team will play their 2nd game against TTech (Mizzou's was rained out, Baylor's is not actually on the schedule but I assume it is there.
  • Nice to see Christian Cantwell still getting it done on the national scene in the shotput. I dont know how disappointed it must have been for him to be recognized as the #1 shot putter in the world before the Olympics and then to not make it. Gotta believe he is really ramping up for China in 2008.
  • And there anything better than overtime playoff hockey? My Devils took a game last night in 2 OT, and I am sitting here watching the Rangers head to 2 OT at home against the Sabres. And as much as I dislike the Rangers, it is good for hockey for them to be around in the playoffs.
  • Congrats to Brian Smith on his selection today. I am sure we will read in the coming couple of days about other players who are going to get the chance to extend their playing days though free agent tryouts.
  • In case any of you were wondering (and I know some of you were), we did NOT make it through the entire first round yesterday. Poor execution by my friend on his pouring and consumption amount led to us calling it a day after the 25th pick. Whereas a 3-4 oz. glass would have made it possible to finish, we would usually end up drinking 6-8 oz, and therefore making it a little tough to do that 32 total times. We will take it back to the drawing board for next year and hopefully make the chances needed to complete our task next year.
  • Four weeks until I get married.....