Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mizzou Links, 5-17-07

No need to discuss the Blaine Gabbert thing any further--I'd just end up saying something extremely bitter about somebody...anybody--so on with other news...

  • A weird story developing with the now-former MU club lacrosse coach:

    “He was just no longer compatible with a club sport,” said Karen Mitchell, the team’s faculty adviser. “These guys aren’t going to be professional lacrosse players. Lacrosse is secondary to most of them, and he’s not happy with that.”

    Hawkins didn’t buy the explanation.

    “Those reasons are ridiculous, ludicrous,” Hawkins said. “Saying I’m not a good coach just doesn’t agree with anything they’ve said before. It’s just the opposite.”
    Of course, they didn't actually say he was 'not a good coach', but this story is definitely odd...
  • Ugh...just went to see what was up on, and there were two separate Gabbert stories. This blows. Meanwhile, all I could find of any interest were this Big East preview, a story about Flutie & Ahmad Rashad making the CFB hall of fame, and the bowl schedule. Riveting.

  • I know! Let's check on Ian Kinsler! Hmm...2 for his last 34...average dropping from .281 to .228 in the last 10 know what? Let's just end Mizzou Links for the day.