Friday, May 25, 2007

Mizzou Links, 5-25-07

  • Yesterday's Big XII Baseball Championship results: ATM 7, Texas 3 (where the hell was that effort last week when we needed Texas to lose??) and KSU 4, NU 1. So yeah, all four teams gave the exact opposite performance as they did the day before, and we have a four-way tie at 1-1 in that pod. Fun.
  • Missouri plays Baylor at 4:30 today. They need to win and have OSU beat OU tonight. That would create another four-way tie at 1-1. That would set up a situation where MU has to beat OSU on Saturday while BU beats OU. In other words, MU doesn't exactly control its own fate here--they need to win twice, while OU needs to lose twice. Not impossible, but not a favorable scenario.
  • Here's some more about the Columbia's NCAA Mideast Track Regional...
  • Meanwhile, Big XII Spring Meetings just wrapped up, and it looks like the sites for the next few football and men's basketball championships were decided. I won't ruin the'll have to click on the link...
  • And finally, three Big XII teams will start play in the NCAA Super Regionals today. 3-seed OU hosts 14-seed DePaul, who ousted Mizzou last weekend; 4-seed ATM hosts 13-seed Florida; and 8-seed Baylor hosts 9-seed Michigan. Go Big XII, I guess. I know, that was very whole-hearted. Sue me, I'm bitter.