Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mizzou Links, 5-29-07

A short Links today...will make my Kent State preview a standalone piece.

  • In random news, Brandon Rush has a torn ACL. KU is optimistic that he'll be able to practice again by November. And meanwhile, Andy Katz has Memphis as the '07-'08 preseason #1. I almost agree with this. I downplayed Memphis all last season, and they came up huge in the tournament. They're big, strong, athletic, and experienced, and Chris Douglas-Roberts is big-time.
  • I hope everybody watched the NCAA Lacrosse finals yesterday. Fantastic stuff. When my parents lived in DC earlier this decade, I dragged them to the Finals in College Park in 2000. It's a great event. For midwesterners like ourselves, it was a little disorienting seeing thousands upon thousands of children wearing their lacrosse gear and twirling their sticks and cheering along. It's the rich, white sport on the east coast. The Duke saga last year brought the sport some attention, but not the good kind...I mean, yeah the charges were dismissed and the boys who were charged are now thought of as martyrs or something, and power to them I guess...they were still partying with hookers, and I'm pretty sure they still think they own the world, but in the end I guess that goes for a good chunk of college athletes. I'll just stop talking now. It's fun to watch. The end.