Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mizzou Links, Dos de Mayo

Really not much at all going on today.

  • Here's about the only Mizzou-related article I could find. It's a Missourian profile of Shernelle Nichols. It's big-fish-small-pondish to say so, but she's pretty much the greatest thrower in Barbados history. I cracked myself up a bit saying it like that, but it's true.
  • Another 32 bowl games for next season. THIRTY-TWO. That's insane, but I think I'm in the vast minority who absolutely loves it. And why does college football love it? "The subcommittee also said about 1.6 million fans attended last season's bowl games and about $217.6 million in bowl revenue was distributed to the participating teams and conferences." Yeah, that would do it. I just love it because of matchups like East Carolina/South Florida and Troy/Rice. College football's the only sport where over half the teams in the country get rewarded for their season and get to feel like they're really making progress. It's great. Sounds a little socialist and all, but it's great.