Monday, May 7, 2007

What has to happen for MU Baseball to grab the Big XII Championship?

Texas is currently 2.5 games ahead of us. Their magic number is 3 to win the title outright. A combination of just 2 Longhorn wins and Tiger losses would result in a tie, but Missouri would be the #1 seed with the tiebreaker.

Texas has just 3 games left vs. Texas A&M. Missouri has 6 remaining, 3 vs. OU, and 3 vs. OSU.

So, for Missouri to finish in a tie with Texas and be the #1 seed based on the tiebreaker, here's what we'd need to do:


Texas sweeps A&M- -- Nothing we can do, UT clinches outright title
Texas wins 2 of 3 --- We'd have to go 6-0 to share the title, and be the #1 seed
A&M wins 2 of 3 --- We need to go 6-0 for outright title, 5-1 for share and #1 seed
A&M sweeps --- Tigers need to go 5-1 for outright title, 4-2 for share and #1 seed

Current Big XII Standings