Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grimes and Punishment

Whoah. Yesterday, it sounded like a scuffle at a Dairy Queen. Now it’s alleged that Kalen Grimes clocked a guy with the butt of a shotgun, while a loaded pistol waited in his car. And that brings it all into sharper focus.

Kalen’s gotta go. Now.

Mike Anderson has no other choice. This is no kids-will-be-kids offense. This was a dangerous pre-meditated act that could have turned out much, much worse. I’m all for second chances, redemption and forgiveness. But Grimes is going to have to find his elsewhere.

Anything less than a dismissal, and the face of the program becomes a heavily-armed hulking hooligan. You can’t let that guy represent the University, and you can’t go into a recruit’s home and ask parents to entrust their son to a hoops family that would consider harboring that kind of character.

It’s the right choice. It’s the obvious choice. It’s the only choice.