Monday, July 30, 2007

Mizzou Links, 7-30-07

  • Dave Matter discusses Chase Daniel and ranks the Big 12 teams, bottom to top. Meanwhile, on his blog, he mentions the latest round of Big Ten Expansion talk (he's taking it a wee bit less seriously than I did this weekend).
  • More bad recruiting news: Bonne Terre's Will Compton followed Blaine Gabbert's lead and committed to Nebraska last week. Leading to this recruiting year, we were hoping that the MU staff's tight relationship with Gabbert would lead to a chain reaction of commits from the top recruits in the state...but it looks like MU will only land 1 of Rivals' Top 5 in the state. One more reason to win and win big this season, eh?
  • Meanwhile, on the basketball recruiting front, Jeff Ermann at Inside Mizzou takes a look at the current 2008 recruiting board.
  • The Jets are happy with Brad Smith's progress at WR, so they're breaking him in at QB now. Very good for Brad...and for The Beef, whose Jets are 2nd to only Mizzou in his heart (unless the Jets are 1st?).
  • Speaking of former Tigers, Garrett Broshuis blogs! (Since the article didn't actually provide a link, here it is.)
  • Too bad skeet shooting's not a varsity sport...we'd sooooooo have ourselves a conference title!
  • Rest in peace, Mel Sheehan, Mizzou AD from 1972-78.
  • And finally, the University of Toronto's mascot? The Varsity Blues! That's fantastic! Now I really hope the Big Ten targets them for expansion!