Monday, July 9, 2007

Mizzou Links, 7-9-07

I depart for a conference in DC in about an hour, but I'm here to serve the public, so by god you're getting your Mizzou Links...

  • Congrats to Mizzou freshman and decathlete extraordinaire, Nick Adcock, for finishing 2nd at the Pan America Junior Championships!

  • A 6'7 (and 3-star) forward from Memphis has Mizzou in his final 2. Not exactly one who's been high on our radar screen to date, but sounds like a pretty impressive kid.

  • An interesting Q&A with Max Scherzer in the Sunday Trib. Scherzer torched A+ ball, and he's been a bit up and down in AA...but considering he's been playing pro ball for like a month now, I think he'll take it. Oh, and it always bothers me when Scott Boras isn't portrayed as Satan in a suit, but I'll get over it.

  • Also at the Trib: Dave Matter's 12 storylines for the Big 12 conference's 12th season. He's been a list-making machine this summer.

  • And finally, I hope that anybody who's even slightly interested in tennis watched yesterday's Wimbledon final. While I'm deeply concerned about the state of American tennis, my main concern is hoping that Federer and Nadal stay healthy for another few years. It sometimes gets boring when the same two guys win all the majors, but with the insane shotmaking that takes place between these two, all you can think when you see them play is, "I really want to see them play again." I loved the Sampras/Agassi/Courier/Chang era in the '90s, but Federer and Nadal just crush them in the 'creativity' and 'angles' departments. I just wish they were American!