Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Luck to Clemson


Clemson ties season tickets to donation levels
Associated Press

CLEMSON, S.C. -- The holders of nearly two in every five Clemson season tickets will have to increase their donations before the 2008 football season or lose their seats.

Clemson and its booster group, IPTAY, outlined a "Seat Equity Plan" they say is necessary to fund scholarships and to reward "those who've been a little more generous," said Bill D'Andrea, the school's senior associate athletic director for external affairs.

The plan means people who have bought about 37.1 percent of current season tickets would have to up their IPTAY donation levels to keep their spots, according to an athletic department study.

D'Andrea said the change would increase revenue by as much as $3 million. But "our objective has never been to raise money," he said.

D'Andrea acknowledged that may be a hard sell with some longtime donors who feel "they've been loyal, sitting here in the rain and in the snow when we were two-and-nine."

So yeah....Mizzou did this when they moved from the Hearnes to Mizzou Arena...and it went over....well...about as well as the last paragraph indicates they believe it will in Clemson.