Friday, August 3, 2007

Mizzou Links 8-03-07

The Boy is off galavanting again today, so here is what I could find:

  • Nice write-up by Gabe D. at Powermizzou who interviewed Coach Mike Anderson and asked him about how the summer goes for coaches and his thoughts on his type of recruit and class of 2008. Find it HERE
  • Some GREAT shots courtesy of of the Elite 11 camp. HERE is the compilation. Of the 15 shots, Chase Daniel is in SIX of one else is even close to being in more than that.
  • Somewhere, ESPN's Pat Forde had this to say about Mizzou and the Big 10

""Ryan (Baltimore, Maryland): If the Big Ten expands in a few years, who do you think will be the most likely team they would look for and would accept the invitation.

Pat Forde: Good question to end on. I could see wanting further inroads into the East Coast market and perhaps finding a travel partner with Penn State. That could be a Syracuse or a Rutgers, although it's a long way from Piscataway to, say, Iowa City. Missouri would bring in the KC and St. Louis media markets without being a major threat to win anything glamorous. I don't think Louisville or Pitt fit the academic profile of Big Ten schools. That's my list of top candidates, unless Notre Dame suddenly changes its tune."

  • Mizzou Gymnastics adds an assistant coach by naming former national champion Amy Smith to the position
  • Mizzou Football Fan Day will be August 5th!
  • Mizzou Athletic Department also makes some news by adding Whit Babcock as the Sr. Associate Director of Athletics, who will oversee all things TSF, marketing, tickets and MSP.
  • By the way...snazzy new intro to just to get you pumped up for football season.
  • Congrats to Atch for winning the 1st Annual Frank Martin Haiku Contest on Tigerboard. Please let us know how you enjoy your prize
  • As teams across the country report to camp, a nice story about Va Tech and their return after the horror and tragedy of April 16th
  • And finally...Bob Stoops says names will return to the back of the OU jerseys....