Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mizzou Links, 8-1-07

  • Woohoo, Football Fan Day is around the corner...which means two-a-days are right around the corner...which means September 1 is right around the corner...woohoo...
  • PM has the Like Father, Unlike Son Camp Edition...meanwhile, Dave Matter previews Texas Tech, and the KC Star posts a few more previews: Baylor (pressure's on for Morriss...though personally, I think the window for a Baylor bowl was '05-06...window's now closed), Kansas (pressure's on for Mangino...and apparently he eats when he's under stress...sorry, that was rude), Kansas State (Ian Campbell is badass), and Mizzou (defense = key).
  • Meanwhile, Inside Mizzou's got the Scott Suggs Scoop.
  • Pat Forde has a somewhat interesting, somewhat worthless article about how tough being a QB is. I only mention it for the "There is James Bond calm, Spock intelligence, Chuck Norris machismo and Clint Eastwood charisma packed into every play" passage. Interesting writing there, Pat.
  • Also at the Worldwide Leader...I don't know when I went from hating Steve Spurrier to liking him...the change happened overnight...but now that I like the OBC for whatever reason, I can really really enjoy quotes like this now:
    "Yeah, again, I don't like to talk much about other teams' players," Spurrier said. "[Kentucky QB Andre Woodson is] obviously a good player. I really admire what Kentucky did last year, go 8-5 and win the bowl game. We thought we did something big beating Clemson, then Kentucky beat them also. Anyway, Clemson was a pretty good team. They were a good team. At one point the year they were a dang good team. I don't know exactly what happened to them, but they didn't finish very well."
    God bless ya, Steve.