Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mizzou Links, 8-21-07

  • Here's Mike Dearmond's story about Marcus Denmon's commitment. Seriously, we've now got commits from a skinny, 6'1 PG and a skinny, 6'2 SG...playing fast doesn't even cover what Anderson's trying to do here.
  • MU soccer starts its exhibition season tonight by hosting Indiana. Bryan Blitz begins his 108th season as MU soccer coach...they're picked 8th in the Big 12.
  • Meanwhile, MU gymnastics welcomes a stud transfer...former Columbia native--and now former Ute--Sarah Shire.

And since there really was no MU football news yesterday, here's a look at the Big 12 South..

  • Here are some stats from OU's rainy Saturday scrimmage. Yeah, if it weren't confirmed before, it pretty much has to be confirmed now that Sam Bradford is the starting QB. When one guy completes 70% of his passes with 4 TD's and the other two guys combine for a 33% completion rate with 1 TD and 1 INT? Yeah, game over. In all, the offense torched the defense in this one...wonder if OU fans are fretting about their defense? Probably not.
  • So Limas Sweed sprained his wrist, Jordan Shipley has a gimpy hamstring, and now Billy Pittman has a sprained shoulder. Lucky for UT, there's not an Ohio State hanging around the beginning of the schedule this season...they can take their time getting these guys healty.
  • Fox Sports and CFN's Pete Fiutak has an Oklahoma State preview up. There's no question that they'll be much improved over last year, but...a road schedule of Georgia, Troy, ATM, Nebraska, Baylor, and Oklahoma? I think they're going to be pretty hot stuff this year, and I have them going 8-4. Ouch.
  • MySA.com says ATM's not satisfied with just beating Texas this year. They want more. Well...good luck. With the only road schedule tougher than OSU's--Miami (FL), Texas Tech, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska--they'll do well to go 8-4 as well.
  • Double T Nation takes a look at Tech's secondary. They've got some experience and play-making ability, and they're going to need it...their front seven isn't going to be too hot.
  • And finally...poor Baylor. Rumor has it Guy Morriss has sold his house in Waco. Best to get a jump on that, I guess.