Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mizzou Links, 8-8-07

So uhh...anything major happen yesterday? Anybody get hurt or anything? Oh somebody did? I had no idea. Yup...mark it down: I got my first "We're cursed!" e-mail from a buddy of mine around lunchtime on 8-7...not too shabby. Guess that means it's officially football season, baby.

  • That's right, Tony Temple's out for a bit. The bad news is, of course, that he's still strangely injury-prone, while the good news is two-fold: a) it was a totally random occurrence, and b) he won't be out too long. In the meantime, the backup RB issue can be addressed a little better as all the candidates--Marcus Woods, Earl Goldsmith, Jimmy Jackson, Derrick Washington, maybe Devion Moore--will get more reps.
  • Also out for a little while: Hardy Ricks. It's unfortunate because he was by all accounts having a fantastic camp. Others are stepping up as well--Castine Bridges, Paul Simpson--and the teams we'll play in his absence aren't exactly the run-n-gun type, so I guess it's not a devastating loss. All I know is, hopefully the injury bug is done biting.
  • Two days into camp, I had pretty much read features on every Mizzou unit except the O-line. No more.
  • Want some news about OU's football practices to date? Hope you have Windows Media Player. They don't do 'print'...they do video. I should mention that if you watch the August 6 "Demarco Murray Delivers the Hit of the Day" video, the guy wearing #47 (the TE standing up the LB for Murray's big hit) is a freshman walk-on named Trent Ratterree...the little brother of my high school best friend. Kid's going to be OU's Tommy Saunders. He's a beast.
  • Here's a little more on Roger Wehrli's 'whirlwind weekend.'
  • Finally, another camp opens today: volleyball, baby. In my favorite non-football/basketball sport (trust me, you'll be reading plenty match recaps this fall), Mizzou has been picked 3rd in the conference behind Nebraska (duh) and Texas. Mizzou had to replace all-time great setter Lindsey Hunter last season and went through some growing pains with lots of freshmen in the rotation. This year, Lei Wang is more experienced at setter, but the Tigers have to replace offensive mainstays Jessica Vander Kooi and Nicole Wilson. If a hitter steps up to complement Na Yang (my favorite volleyball Tiger)--be it Julianna Klein, Amanda Hantouli, Megan Wilson, or any of the six freshmen--this could be another fun season.