Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MU Baseball recruit signs pro contract on last day before deadline

T.J. McFarland, a hotshot pitcher from Stagg High School in the Chicago area, finally signed with the Cleveland Indians, the team that drafted him in the 4th round (according to Baseball America). Under the new draft rules, August 15th is the deadline for draftees to sign (no more year-long Scott Boras holdouts, e.g., Max Scherzer), and the Indians waited until the last day to get this done (or maybe they just waited until the last day to announce it).

McFarland had signed a letter of intent to play for Mizzou, but that will not be happening.

The only other Tiger recruit who jumped to the pros was Houston, TX-area player Justin Bass. All other recruits are assumed to be enrolling this week at MU.