Saturday, August 25, 2007

Volleyball Match #2: Mizzou 3, Jacksonville State 2

Well, Mizzou's figured out one way to get as much experience as possible out of their non-conference slate: play nothing but 5-setters. Now they just have to figure out how to close games out. Mizzou made this one impressively tense, turning a 9-5 lead into an 12-11 deficit to a decent Jacksonville State team in the 5th game before rallying to win the last four points. It was your run-of-the-mill 30-16, 28-30, 27-30, 30-23, 15-12 win. In two matches, Mizzou has lost 5 games by a combined 11 games (10 would be the minimum), but they pulled this one out.

It's hard to imagine Mizzou losing too many matches when Weiwen Wang and Na Yang combine for 39 kills and only 6 errors (Weiwen added 7 blocks, while Na had 4 of her own), but Jacksonville State was great at the saves, keeping points alive and out-digging Mizzou 83-72. Julianna Klein now has 117 kill attempts in about the last 21 hours; she finished with a double-double--16 kills, 13 digs.

The other notable thing about this match is that, likely out of pure necessity, the Kreklows played 12 different girls. I'm sure you'll see the same thing in their next match, which is against Arkansas State in, like, an hour or something. Arkansas State took a dead-legged Ole Miss to 5 games this morning before falling.