Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here's all I can think of... make sense of what has happened today.

Going into this week, this would have been my Big 12 Defensive Rankings:

1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas State
3. Colorado
4. Texas
5. Kansas
6. Texas A&M
7. Missouri
8. Nebraska
9. Iowa State
10. Oklahoma State
11. Baylor
12. Texas Tech

Colorado won with turnovers and defense. Kansas State is about to win with turnovers and special teams. Going into this season, it was pretty well-established that almost the entire conference was having to rebuild its defensive line, and most teams had general inexperience littered throughout their defense. That being the case, it's starting to look like those who have thrown together some semblance of good defense (like KSU and CU) might have a leg up in a conference full of supposedly strong offenses (which would be bad for Mizzou).

That, or OU and UT were both just seriously looking ahead to next week.

I won't think too hard about this because I know that as soon as I think I've figured everything out, the entire script will change. But for now, go Big 12 North.