Monday, September 10, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-10-07

Happy birthday to me! I damn near overslept this morning, but I am...and I just saw the tail end of a commercial for the Columbia Mall Car Wash that used a clip of Mizzou football in their was, I believe, a clip of Justin Gage catching a TD pass against SW Texas. Current.

  • Power Mizzou has a hilariously creepy photo feature from The Grove...I'd say they went out of their way to take pictures of hot girls (like a certain friend of mine would have been doing with his cell phone cam), but from what The Beef said about The Grove, you couldn't avoid the hot girls. They were apparently everywhere. For all we know, they were trying to take pictures of the trees, but the hot girls kept getting in the way.
  • There's something of a QB controversy in Kalamazoo this week, as Bill Cubit has played 3 QB's with extremely mixed results. Apparently he's going to try and stick with sophomore Tim Hiller, but we'll see what happens if WMU gets off to a rough start like they did Saturday against Indiana.
  • Inside Mizzou has the best article title of the weekend with their "Chase and the Temple of Doom" game recap. (And here's the game notebook.)
  • The Missourian discusses Martin "Slash" Rucker, Mizzou's part-time TE, WR, QB, RB, and FB. Hmm...maybe we should see if he can play DE too?
  • Graham Watson scored some nice prognostication points with her Saturday prediction.
  • After OU's destruction of Miami on Saturday, I was thinking LSU really needed to show something to avoid losing some of their first place votes to OU. After the LSU game, I started thinking that it's USC who better show something...they looked just fine last week against Idaho, but they'd better bring it against Nebraska. Otherwise they'll start losing luster in light of how dominant OU and LSU have been. Though apparently "I am a better qb than sean glennon. And i am drunk."
  • The Trib's Steve Walentik talks about the higher expectations for Mizzou basketball this year.
  • Mizzou Soccer had a nice weekend, shutting out Indiana and Eastern Illinois. I'm still taking a wait-and-see approach here with Bryan Blitz's team, but so far so good...there's no doubting that...
  • Mizzou X-Country started the season with a head-to-head win over Murray State in the Mizzou Cross Country Challenge. Not bad at all.
  • And finally, Roger Federer is really really really really good. Having grown up playing and watching tennis, I got used to what good tennis was a strong all-around game with one massive strength. With Sampras and Becker, it was the serve. With Agassi, the return. As Agassi put it the other night during the Federer-Roddick match, Federer's better than everybody else at more than one thing, which is unheard of. His return, his forehand, his volleying, his passing's unreal. And it's always disorienting watching him because his game invents shot angles I've never seen before. Just not sure how he does it. I think he's raised the game of everybody on the tour--a very good thing since tennis was slumping for a few years there as Sampras and Agassi got older and nobody really filled the void--and he's still beating everybody.