Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-11-07

  • It's the official weekly release for the Western Michigan game! Gary Pinkel going for Win #40 on Saturday...which would somehow tie him for 4th on the all-time Mizzou list. Barring collapse, he should be #3 on the all-time list come season's end.
  • It's a new depth chart! Basically the same as the last depth chart...only Ryan Madison moving back up to #1 at guard.
  • It's a Tony Temple chat! Unlike ZouDave, he doesn't tell anybody to choke on their lies.
  • It's a quick 'Pinkel vs Daniel' anecdote!
  • It's a bunch of Gary Pinkel quotes! Apparently big plays wear a defense down...who knew? The Trib, Behind the Stripes, Inside Mizzou, and Power Mizzou have more.
  • The Missourian, Post-Dispatch, and the KC Star have even more on MU's second half troubles and growing 'cardiac kids' reputation. Usually that many different media sources focus on any of 3-4 different storylines...it's impressive that everybody's zoomed in on just one. Not that I blame them...it's just impressive is all...
  • In the grand scheme of things, though, would you rather have a problem with playing bad defense with big leads, or having to replace a veteran QB with a true freshman?
  • Pat Forde had a pretty entertaining piece on Western Kentucky's foray into D-1 football and...boiling piss.
  • The Missourian's got a nice feature on sophomore goalie Tasha Dittamore.
  • And finally...don't tell me the Sports God is going to start hating me again...well, it was a nice few months...