Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-12-07

So KOMU just broke out footage of the last time Mizzou played WMU in 1999. Kirk Farmer throwing a gorgeous pass to Eric Spencer for a TD...Devaughn Black (RIP) busting a really nice TD run (he had 205 yards in that game)...that must be why I was so optimistic in September of that season. Of course, the next weekend we got obliterated by Nebraska...a couple weeks later, Farmer pulled his 'pushed into the sidelines, break leg, scream, puke, pass out' routine, and Mizzou fell into a three-year black hole. Good times.

  • I skimmed over this yesterday while linking to Dave Matter's Monday blog post, but he has a full newspaper piece on it today: Chase Daniel is (KNOCK ON WOOD!) 37 passes away from Trent Dilfer's NCAA 'consecutive passes without an INT' record. He set the Big 12 record in the first quarter against Ole Miss. He (KNOCK ON WOOD!) hasn't thrown one since the deflected INT in the second quarter of the Nebraska game. about taking something for granted...I hadn't even noticed.
  • Dave Matter's been busy since coming back from his buddy's wedding...he goes Inside the Numbers on Western Michigan. Meanwhile, Graham Watson helps you 'get to know' the Broncs.
  • The Missourian takes a look at defensive leader Lorenzo Williams. Only Pig Brown and Brock Christopher have made more 'successful' plays than Zo so far, but he only makes the big plays...the entire D-line just has to has to has to make more plays.
  • Mike Dearmond has a quick blurb about Michael Keck's shoulder surgery.
  • I must have been asleep when Tyler Wilson committed to Tulsa (???), but Jeff Ermann has the latest on a new name popping up on the watch list.
  • Guess this means Stefhon Hannah is one of the top 4 point guards in the conference...he was named to the Bob Cousy Award Watch List, along with BU's Curtis Jerrells, Texas' DJ Augustin, and KU's Russell Robinson.
  • The Missourian has a bit more on Julianna Klein's ACL injury.
  • Here is the official release regarding the utterly huge weekend for Mizzou soccer...playing #1 Stanford Friday night and #3 Santa Clara on Sunday. Go 1-1 (or even 0-1-1...or 0-0-2, I guess), and the season starts to look a lot brighter.