Friday, September 14, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-14-07

Relatively slow link day today...

  • Honestly, if Martin Rucker keeps up his current level of play, he should be on his way to 1st-team All-American. Anything less would be a travesty, a sham, and a mockery...
  • The Missourian discusses the potential causes of Missouri's penchant for self-destructing with a lead, while the KC Star looks at Tony Temple and the running game.
  • Dave Matter makes his Big 12 picks.
  • Here's Graham Watson's WMU preview...honestly, I'll be surprised if a) the score's that close or b) WMU scores that much, but...well, I'm a homer.
  • Here's a nice piece on the strange journey of MU Volleyball's Lindsay Smith, the senior who made her college debut just a couple weeks ago.
  • Here's a really nice article on the 1993-94 Arkansas team that destroyed Mizzou and won the national title. Mike Anderson obviously knows what it takes to win with his system of play, and I'm really interested to see how all these new pieces--Bowers, Denmon, Paul, etc.--fit together. Of course, it's another year before we see any of those guys, but...yeah, reading about this Razorback team that I absolutely despised makes me feel pretty good about the future.
  • Sunday Morning QB has a, shall we say, interesting preview of the brutal Michigan-ND matchup.
  • And finally, I'm sorry but...this is really really funny.