Monday, September 17, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-17-07

  • Well I guess the big news stemming from yesterday is the fact that Mizzou Football is now ranked #25 in both the AP and USA Today polls. That's cool, I guess. And we should probably move up a few more spots with a win and an off-week...have to figure a few teams ahead of them lose in the next two weeks. Looks like the MU/NU game will pit two teams ranked somewhere around #20.
  • Ziggy Hood says that Mizzou defenders are over-running the ball. I wholeheartedly agree. We all see the problem with arm-tackling, and over-running is usually the main cause of that. The over-pursuit was also what allowed those trap plays to work. The DE's flew toward the ball before realizing what was going on, and they got sealed off, opening up the outside. Can't happen against a team with an actually good RB. That said, Saturday was definitely an improvement over the previous weeks.
  • Dave Matter empties the notebook on the WMU game. Good to see that somebody else shares my assessment that those Daniel INT's might end up being a good thing. He seemed to need a reminder of his mortality, and that worked out pretty well. Would have been nice to see him set that record, though.
  • Graham Watson does a little Monday Morning QB'ing...
  • I guess there's been a bit of fallout regarding Mark Mangino's ripping into a KU player on the sideline. Uhh...I'm sorry people's ears were offended, but...IT'S FOOTBALL. WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU EXPECT TO HEAR WHEN YOU PLACED A MICROPHONE ON THE SIDELINES??
  • JUCO forward Keith Ramsey visited Columbia this weekend and apparently enjoyed himself, though he held off on committing. Inside Mizzou and PowerMizzou have more. (And on a side note, I'm seeing that Gabe is doing more of the Huskers Illustrated style of headlines...on the PM front page, the main headline is "Did Ramsey Make a Decision on Visit?" Spoiler alert: no, he didn't...and I hate headlines like that.)
  • Finally, MU Soccer certainly held its own this weekend in California, but after losing a tight one to #1 Stanford on Friday night (3-2), they fell to #3 Santa Clara yesterday afternoon, 2-1. Michelle Collins scored her fifth goal of the season early on, but MU couldn't quite hold on. I'll be disappointed if they fall too far in the rankings after their strong performance.