Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-19-07

Okay, why is ESPN covering the latest OJ charges? OJ's not even remotely a sports figure anymore. That ended about 10 years ago. He's not "O.J. Simpson, former running back" anymore. He's "O.J. Simpson, crazy man and pop culture figure."

And I'm sorry, Roger Cossack, but how much is ESPN paying you to make observations like "Guns make crimes very serious"? I'm in the wrong line of business.

Okay, another question for you much money have you made off of OJ in your life? And how does that make you feel? Okay, pretty good, I imagine...anyhoo...

  • The big news today is that backup DE John Stull was arrested for third degree assault yesterday after apparently punching dude over money owed or something. Stupid. No word on disciplinary actions, though I guess it's good timing to have happened the week of the Illinois State case a 1-game suspension is in the works. Also, freshman Kendall Irving and redshirt freshman Jesse Hernandez have left the program. Eh, attrition happens. More scholarships for this recruiting class! Oh, and Steve Redmond was also arrested last weekend, for a noise violation. Can't imagine a suspension comes from that one, but...jeez, busy weekend. And I guess we can count our lucky starts that we don't have Texas' situation at the moment. Funny stuff. (Here's the real post about Texas' issues.)
  • Here's the weekly release for ISU. Mizzou is looking for its 14th ever 4-0's third under Pinkel. Pretty sure they'll get it.
  • Illinois State has now lost two 5th-year senior starters to season-ending injury, which stinks for them.
  • Jeff Wolfert is still looking for his groove...and not in an Angela Bassett sort of way.
  • PowerMizzou has its Tuesday Top Tigers.
  • Dave Matter unleashes his weekly power poll.
  • The headline for this story was "Police: No Charges in MU Sex-Assault Probe." I thought I had failed catastrophically as a blogger for missing this one...I had no idea there was a sexual assault probe going on at MU! Oh...Millersville University...naturally...because that's the first MU that comes to people's minds...thanks, CNNSI...
Alright, some non-football news...
  • There will be another open practice for Mizzou Basketball at 10am before the Saturday football game.
  • Mizzou Volleyball plays Kansas tonight to kick off the the Border War, er, Showdown. The Kreklows look to move to 13-2 versus the Beakers. It'll be the first volleyball match of the year for the wife and I...hooray...
  • Looking ahead to the spring, says Mizzou Baseball has sick pitching and something to prove...that's a pretty good combination. Seriously, we might have the best pitching staff in the nation in '08...this might be the earliest I've ever looked ahead to baseball.
  • RSFr x-country runner Ben Brammeier was named Big 12 Runner of the Week after his strong performance in Nashville.
  • Okay, you twisted my more football link. It's never too early for bowl projections!! I mean really, it's not like anything's going to change over the next 12 weeks or so. Gator or no no, I want Cotton.