Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-29-07

I don't usually do Saturday Links, but something happened last night to make me change my mind:

  • #16 Mizzou Soccer 3, #4 Texas A&M 2 (2OT). Down 1-0 and 2-1, the Tigers got two goals from freshman Kari Adam (the first two of her career), and less than a minute away from the end of OT #2 (which would have resulted in a tie), sophomore Kristin Andrighetto--who hit the post twice in the first half--scored her 8th goal of the year and gave coach Bryan Blitz one of the biggest wins of his long tenure in front of the third-largest crowd in Walton Stadium history. In tennis, when you break your opponent's serve, the break isn't complete until you win your own next service game. For the Tigers, they have to travel to Waco to play Baylor tomorrow at 1pm (why it was scheduled like that, I have no idea). A 1-1 result for this weekend's two games would have been quite acceptable, but now that they've taken down ATM, 1-1 would be a bit disappointing. If they do beat BU, then they could honestly expect to move to around #10-12 in the polls. Not bad for a team with no seniors. And not bad for a coach I gave up on about three years ago.
  • The Trib has more.