Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-4-07

Sorry for the late-morningness of today's Links...got in super-late from MN last night. I do like that The Beef called earlier to see if I was going to post links, or if he should do it...by god, we at Sanity are dedicated to getting you Mizzou Links! Customer service, baby!

And kudos to Dave for cranking the video out that quick...

  • Mutigers.com has the weekly release up for the Ole Miss game. The most interesting tidbits come in the "Offense Looking for More" section. Mizzou scored 40 points despite being forced to punt 7 times, more than any 2006 game. Somehow Mizzou only punted 5 times against ISU...seemed like 40...though I guess it could have only been 5 since every one of ISU's possessions lasted about 7 minutes. Anyway...Mizzou was also held to 59 yards rushing (29 of which came on Jeremy Maclin's Aussie Rules reverse), the lowest since the 2005 debacle in Boulder.
  • Jeff Ermann says that he never worried--Mizzou was going to win no matter what. I wish he could have dropped me a line on that one...as my wife will attest, I was far from convinced at the time.
  • Power Mizzou has some extensive Pinkel Media Day quotes (more Media Day notes from Dave Matter here...so...I'm confused...will the game be televised this weekend?). A very interesting read...also interesting: Pinkel admitting the 2-point conversion was a mistake. I have no idea how they made that mistake, but...whatever. We won. And I'm confident that they'll forever give a second or third or fourth thought to going for two in the first half. Well...I can hope, at least.
  • Mike Dearmond talks about Mizzou's O-line struggles, while Graham Watson talks about the defense's inadequacies.
  • And finally, the Missourian has an interesting write-up about Big 12 coaches' reactions to Appalachian State's win. A buddy of mine from OK is loving it simply because it knocks Boise State's win over OU out of people's consciousness...for now, anyway.
That's it for today...might actually write about the other sports tomorrow...