Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-5-07

  • Not surprisingly, Pig Brown was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week. Yeah, if you don't win the award after the game he had, you'll never win the award.
  • Dave Matter goes 'inside the numbers' on Ole Miss.
  • I've always admired Gary Pinkel's tenacity and sense of stubbornness, and those are good qualities to long as your will eventually results in better play. Pinkel says nothing's going to change in the running game. That's long as the results get better.
  • Not to be confused with The Beef's Monday Musing(s), Graham Watson has...Tuesday Musings.
  • The Missourian continues its trend of unique features with a look at deep snapper Stephen Blair.
  • It's just about official...Turner Gill's Buffalo Bulls will be coming to Columbia in 2008. The Georgia series was a neat thought, but apparently it was as much an Internet rumor as anything else. The discussion for that ended a long time ago.
  • General admission seats are available for MU-NU. Not for long.
  • Sunday Morning QB discusses the impending beating of Jimmy Clausen.
And since I said I'd look at other sports as well...