Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Musings

So The Boy stole my Appalachian State joke, so I have nothing to really lead this off with. I guess I will just throw myself right into this, but also with the caveat that if you care or want to respond to this, please always feel free. Better to know I have some people reading this and disagreeing with me at least than no one reading it at all.


We made it through unscathed for the most part…that is really all that needs to be said at this point. With the exception of Alexander’s injury (which did lead to the break out of Jeremy Maclin, so I guess it must be some sort of positive), we came through without too many lingering effects other than a 4-0 record and a top 20 ranking. Offensively, I cannot help but think we have regressed a bit in the last two games, or at least I believe Chase Daniel would tell you that. Tony Temple did top 100 yards in this game, and that was nice to see. I believe he has done better since the Illinois game and seems to be running with more confidence. However, I think the most important thing I saw yesterday was his catching the ball out of the backfield (other RB’s as well). This is a piece I believe we are going to need since I think teams will try to nullify our attack by bringing a lot of pressure.

Defensively, I still feel we kept a lot of our looks off the field and in hiding for conference play. We were better in this game than we had been in any of the other games, but we are still going to need to be able to line up and get pressure without the use of looks and stunts and blitz packages. I know it seems like I say that every week, I probably do. The only other concern at this point is starting to be the place kicking game. I will not say anything that has not already been said by people here and on other sites, but we are going need for Wolfert to be really solid inside of 45 yards as we go on from here. I know he can be, he was last year. Just need to see it again now.


It was a great effort by the ladies under the saddest of circumstances with the passing of their former teammate. It was quite the shock to all of us in the stadium when the result of their battle against #19 Cal was announced and that they had trounced the Bears 4-0 on Friday night. The women followed it up with a strong, but probably sloppy showing against TCU 6-2 Sunday afternoon. The Tigers got out to an early lead, but allowed the Horned Frogs to get it back to 3-2 before putting it away.

So, as has happened before, the ladies finish up the non-conference season very strong with two wins over ranked (At the time) teams and two other tremendous showings against top teams. But now it is conference time. And what a way to start it off, with #4 aTm coming to Walton Field on Friday evening. The triumvirate of Andrighetto, Collins and Bonnick, who have combined for 17 goals and 10 assists (and are 2 sophs and a frosh) will need to grow up some more and lead the team. Clearly Mizzou will carry a top 20 record into conference play, and could make a huge move by winning Friday and taking out Baylor back on the road on Sunday. Will be an interesting weekend, that is for certain.


Well, there is no one in the entire country who has probably played as many five game matches as Mizzou has (five of them now if you are counting at home) However, winning barely any of them will really hurt come the end of the season when the team might come up a bit short of an NCAA berth unless some improvement happens soon. Dropping two five-gamers in conference this past week to Kansas and Iowa State. The loss of Klein has apparently made the ladies a little too one-dimensional on offense and we have yet to find the player who can step up and fill that roll as another go-to hitter.

In looking a little deeper at the stats, no one is jumping off of the page as either terribly great or just terribly terrible. What I think the problem has become is that if people are going to be solid from game to game on the team, we need more of them to be solid each game. I do not believe we can get by with only two good players in each game (and we seem to have singled out Na Yang and Wendy Wang as the two) but need at least one more to put us over the top each time. Amanda Hantouli and Megan Wilson are the candidates, time will tell if they step up.

The ladies will travel mid-week this week to play the Wildcats. KSU is looking solid with a 3-1 conference start and 11-3 overall record. The Tigers will return to Hearnes this weekend to take on conference leader (currently) OU. Tough week to say the least for the ladies.

Men’s Golf:

The men traveled to Zionsville, Indiana this past weekend (no….I have no idea where that actually is) to compete in the Wolf Run Invitational at the par 71, 7,195 yard course (that is a SOLIDLY long course, especially at par 71). Mizzou took something of a younger team, likely a mix of some of their experience in Peter Malnati and Bud Reynolds (junior and sophomore respectively) and then a triumvirate of freshman. If it means anything, they finished in order of experience, with Malnati coming in 24th in the tourney, and guiding the team to a 12th place finish.

Again, the fall season of golf is kinda funny, since there are never any tournaments which truly “count” for anything, just experience. I suppose at some point in these tourneys I would like to see us starting to play better, but I think we may also still be a year or two away. I do know that Coach Leroux has gained some decent recruits, and I imagine that should improve even more with the opening of the new home course. However, fall golf is the time you really won’t see that, so patience (I suppose) is a virtue here. The men return to the links at the Windon Memorial Classic in Glencoe, Ill. on Oct. 7-8.

Women’s Tennis:

The ladies were out in Maryland this past weekend for the Terrapin Invitational, and I believe really had another positive showing on their young season. This time, the team was a mix of many of the younger players who have come flying out of the gate, as well as some of the experience. The doubles team of Svetlic (senior) and Weber (freshman) took the doubles title, while freshman Maureen Modesto continued to impress by advancing to the finals of her flight before falling to the #2 ranked player in the field. Junior Racqual Wagner also made the finals of her flight before falling in a 3-set match.

Overall Coach Starkey sounds very upbeat and positive about the team, and from the looks of things, for good reason. The team appears to have good balance in terms of players' ages and experience, as well as young talent stepping up very early on. The ladies have shown very well by all accounts in their first two tournaments on the fall season, and will look to keep it going in a couple of weekends (Oct. 12-14) at the Mizzou Tiger Invitational.

Random Musings:

  • I really don't mind seeing the Green Bay Packers being 3-0, but the overkill by ESPN as this goes on may become too much to bear at some point.
  • Penn State...ugh...I do not know how Michigan STILL has their number, but there goes that thought. Anthony Morelli has not really impressed.
  • LSU and Florida will be a fun game. Tim Tebow's stats the other night were sick with 34 pass attempts I believe and another 27 carries.
  • Always a fun week in baseball as teams start to clinch...and somehow, there is a little bit of excitement. My Mets are 2.5 up...Sox 1.5...still a little room in the NL Wildcard, the west and the central in the NL are not set either.
  • If a puck drops on the ice in preseason and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound?