Friday, April 6, 2007

At some point, regular Missouri postings will resume...

Just not right now.

Fair to say, Atch called it. K-State did exactly what you might expect from a scorned lover. They turned around, saw the first available guy and latched on like a lamprey. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse than hiring Huggins and all his baggage, K-State confirmed that, "Yes, all we give a damn about is winning... right now."

Forget winning in a couple years, forget building a program (which I think Huggins would have accomplished), forget continued success over a long period of time. Jon Wefald and Tim Weiser knew to save their collective hides, they had to keep the recruiting class in-tact and in Manhattan for at least a year. So, they spun around, saw Frank Martin... and handed him the keys. Maybe it's just me, but with those eyes... I don't think I would lend the guy my car.
Now, Frank Martin may very well prove me wrong (though, frankly, I don't care if he does), but all I see KSU doing with this hire is putting off the house cleaning for another couple of years. With that recruiting class, any coach could go into Manhattan and probably finish no worse than 4th in the Big 12, make the tournament and at least make it to the second round. What I don't see Martin doing is building a consistent team. Sure, Dalonte Hill is supposedly some major stud-recruiter, but he was hired to K-State specifically to bring Beasley.
I think in another two to three years the mess in Manhattan will have reached epic proportions and K-State will be in the fun position of hiring a basketball coach, athletic director and president.
Good times.