Friday, April 6, 2007

I Miss Your Musk

They did it. They panicked. They hired Frank Martin.

Yesterday, people said Jon Wefald and Tim Weiser seemed like jilted lovers for their performance at the press conference, and it just seemed like a handy and fitting metaphor. Today, it seems to go deeper. These guys have been spurned, but they just can’t let Bob Huggins go. They were infatuated with what Hugs started to build, and they’re determined to hang on to whatever vestiges remain.

It reminds me of the devastated guy who gets dumped by the girl who was a little too hot for him to begin with. Wanting to make the clean break, she never bothers to get the clothes she left at his place, and every once in a while, he pulls them out just to remember her scent.

Frank Martin is Bob Huggins’s underwear.

He may smell like what they once had, but he’ll never fulfill the promise.