Friday, June 15, 2007

Mizzou Links, 6-15-07

  • Another day, another commitment...seriously, at this rate, we'll be out of scholarships (for football, basketball, and next year's football) in the next month or two. And meanwhile, a StL kid unleashes an extremely telling quote: "I didn't expect Missouri to be that nice and I was overwhelmed with how great everything was there. People in St. Louis think about Missouri as they were before coach Pinkel got there." Yup.
  • Six Mizzou football players threw out the first pitch for the Cards/Royals game the other day...Tony Temple, Martin Rucker, and Chase Coffman representing KC, and Darnell Terrell, Hardy Ricks, and Will Franklin representing StL.
  • News from Dave Matter: looks like the intra-state rivalry to end all intra-state rivalries will come to fruition in '08...that's right...SEMO/MU!!!
  • Also from Matter, and discussed elsewhere too: Big 12 commish Kevin Weiberg is resigning to accept a lesser (but probably waaaay higher-paying) position in the Big Ten. He will be the new Vice President of University Planning and Development with the Big Ten Network...whatever that is. As I said before, I still don't necessarily want to move to the Big Ten, but...yeah, the whole 'Big Ten Network' thing makes me jealous enough to consider it. A buddy of mine half-jokingly asked if Mike Alden would apply for the commish job now. I doubt it, but I don't doubt that he'd probably get us a better TV deal...