Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mizzou Links, 6-20-07

I post this from beautiful Oklahoma in super-late last night...apparently when the Weather Channel predicted "partly cloudy" yesterday, they meant 55-mph winds and 5-inches-an-hour rain. If I'd known that were coming, we'd have left this morning. Boo. But we made it.

  • Looks like the good recruiting news of the last couple of weeks couldn't sway Travis Releford from the dark side. Congrats for getting the commit, KU. And by 'congrats', I mean 'screw you.'
  • The preseason football rankings are rolling in...Phil Steele has Mizzou #19, and now Street & Smith has them #18. One of these years, we'll learn to live up to expectations, right? Ri...right?
  • In his latest blog post, Dave Matter discusses Terry Hoeppner's death and its strange proximity to the 2006 death of another Big Ten coach, Randy Walker.
  • Here's a nice Missourian story about former Mizzou track stud, Derrick Peterson.
  • And finally, it's an annual tradition...the Bill Simmons Vegas column. This one's shorter than most. Honestly, now that I've actually been to Vegas and can picture where everything is, I should go back and read the others again...