Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mizzou Links 7-12-07

Not much to report, one of these is a stretch as it is:

  • with a nice piece about the replacement of the turf in Devine Pavillion. Made sense when they put the turf down in there since other schools still had turf. But this will not only be nice for football but for soccer, baseball and softball who make use of that facility as well as good part of the time.
  • Kareem Rush with another good game last night for the Pacers summer team.
  • Thomas Gardner also saw some time last night, but 4 TO's will hurt
  • So...the OU Sooners having to vacate all their wins from 2005 is interesting when you look at the records and schedules from that year. Looks like OU kept THREE teams out of bowl games in Baylor (37-30), K-State (43-21) and aTm (36-30). Considering only 7 Big XII teams went to bowl games that season, that is actually some money kept out of all teams' (including MU) pockets. Thanks for nothing OU.