Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mizzou Links, 7-18-07

Okay. I know that ESPN is as much about entertainment as sports. And I know that July is the slowest month of the year. I accept that a lot of people are enjoying this "Who's Now?" thing. But...Jessica Biel? Really? You want me to take this at least somewhat seriously, and you have Jessica Biel and Kevin James telling me who's more 'Now' in the second round? Come on. I'll never complain about Jessica Biel being on my TV, mind you, but still...this is just silly.

  • Obviously the big Mizzou news for the day is Kalen Grimes' dismissal from the basketball team. Knowing the drama that has been Mizzou Basketball over the last five years, I think this was a solid move. I'm a little uncomfortable about the fact that he hasn't actually been charged with anything yet, but not enough to question the move.

    As for how this hurts Mizzou in '07-08...well...I realize that Mike Anderson likes his players lean and fast, but the team's biggest player is now Leo Lyons. Yikes. DeMarre Carroll and Justin Safford, you better be ready to play a lot of minutes this year.

  • Thomas Gardner had a huge game in something called the Rocky Mountain Revue, scoring 18 points Monday evening. He doesn't seem to have done all too well from the 3-point line in these summer league games, but he seems to be developing his mid-range game, and that's huge for him.

  • Meet the new Mizzou Wrestling Assistant...same as the old Mizzou Wrestling Assistant...

  • The Trib's Joe Walljasper has more on Tiger legend Dick Ault.