Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mizzou Links, 7-19-07

  • Brian Smith and Mizzou Wrestling have put together the #2 recruiting class in the country according to, a class that includes four high school All-Americans. First place? Ohio State. Really? Ohio State? Not Minnesota, Oklahoma State, et cetera? Weird. Oh, and speaking of wrestling, Ben Askren says thank you.
  • Speaking of recruiting, here's Mizzou's Defensive Hot Board according to PowerMizzou.
  • Very cool article about Roger Wehrli's August 4 College Football Hall of Fame induction. What's just as cool? Wehrli will also be Homecoming Grand Marshal this fall.
  • Thomas Gardner scored 10 points on 3-of-9 shooting (over a team-high 31 minutes) at the Rocky Mountain Revue on Tuesday. It was his fourth double-digit output in five games, though I'm thinking he'd have to do a little more to merit a serious chance of making the Bulls in '07-08. Plus, the Bulls need outside scoring, and Gardner hasn't had much of a 3-point shot this summer.
  • Dave Matter continues his look at the Top 25 for the upcoming football's #19-17.
  • Finally, since I haven't said it on this blog yet, Michael Vick is a disgusting human being. Jason Whitlock can say that Vick's problems are due to 'hip hop culture' if he really wants to, but I just say that, until proven otherwise, Vick is a disgusting human being.