Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mizzou Links, 7-24-07

  • The football commitments continue to roll in. Good-sized kid. Meanwhile, Jeff Ermann from InsideMizzou has more on last week's Mizzou commit, Drew Temple. Have we mentioned how much good, free stuff there is at InsideMizzou lately?

  • Dave Matter has some notes from Media Days in San Antonio. Most interesting part: Mark Mangino is bigger than ever. When he suggests gastric bypass surgery to Mangino's face, he will become the bravest journalist ever.

  • It seems that everything happens in Oklahoma City nowadays. This time it was the Central Section VIII Long Course Swimming Championships, and Mizzou swimmers represented well, winning 12 gold medals and 26 medals overall.

  • Pretty neat series ESPN.com has going right now, examining great under-the-radar rivalries. Today: Williams-Amherst.

  • And from that link I found this one: welcome to the big-time, Longwood. Having once attended a concert in the Longwood gym, I can only say...hope you're prepared to upgrade your facilities a smidge, guys. My high school gym was bigger, and my high school gym wasn't that big.