Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mizzou Links, 7-26-07

Apologies for Blogger's continued weirdness...if the page doesn't load right, hit refresh. If it still doesn't load right...well...guess you shouldn't be on the Internet anyway.

  • If football recruiting's your thing, Inside Mizzou's got some strong subscriber-only content right now, including an article about another strong Class of 2009 MO QB. Lots more if you're a subscriber. Speaking of paying for recruiting news...if basketball recruiting's more what you're looking for, it's paying off to be a PowerMizzou subscriber right about now.
  • More Media Day(s) coverage: Dave Matter tells Mizzou, Welcome to the Jungle. We like to say that Mizzou crumbled under expectations in 2004, but...well, they were only picked 2nd in the North in '04. First place is a whole new bag. Cross your fingers. Meanwhile, Iowa State's looking for a "quick turnaround". Good luck with that. And finally, one day after comparing Gene Chizik to Bob Stoops, Dave Matter compares Ron Prince to...Quin Snyder. Ouch. No word on whether Prince has a 500-page player development book for each player. Speaking of Big 12 North foes, the KC Star has more on Colorado, Nebraska, and a nice story about Martel Van Zant, the deaf DB Mike Gundy brought to Media Day.
  • Finally, Jim Caple has a fantastic look back at "Homer at the Bat", one of the greatest Simpsons episodes ever...and the last time major league baseball got the nation's attention (in a positive way) without using HGH. Sorry, that was rude. Anyway, god bless the Springfield Mystery Spot...