Friday, July 27, 2007

Mizzou Links, 7-27-07

I just finished watching a nice Jim Riek feature on Kim Anderson and his summer basketball camp. Of course Riek couldn't resist mentioning Anderson getting passed up for his 'dream job.' I mentioned to my wife when it was over that I just wasn't sure Anderson could recruit at a D-1 level. We'd have ended up with a lot of likable, hard-working teams who played the game the right way...and went 16-14 every year. Her response? "Didn't Mizzou do that anyway, only without being likable and hard-working?" Touché.

And yes, Jim Riek is still running the show...he's looking good at age 113.

  • Here's some more inside recruiting news...on location with Gabe Dearmond in Orlando! Care to live more in the future tense? Here's Jeff Ermann looking at another 2009 prospect.
  • In more Big 12 football news, Dave Matter looks at season #2 for Ron Prince and Dan Hawkins and also writes a feature on OSU's Martel Van Zant.
  • In light of the Post-Dispatch a) not sending anybody to Big 12 Media Day and 2) burying a story about Mizzou being North favorite deep inside the recesses of the sports section, Graham Watson responds to the latest "Post-Dispatch hates Mizzou" talk. This is what's great about get much more immediate responses to issues.
  • I decided to head on over to the Dallas Morning News this morning to see what they had to say about Big 12 football...they always seem to have pretty good coverage of Big 12 activities...and here's what I found. 1) Baylor and Notre Dame will play in Arlington in 2012. That's a great game for they have five years to make themselves competitive. 2) Big 12 coaches discuss the new "kickoff from the 30" rule. 3) The future of OSU LB Chris Collins is in jeopardy. You'll recall that he ended up at OSU because they were willing to take a chance on him after 2004 sexual assault charges. 4) The Cotton Bowl wants to be part of the BCS. So, I'm sure, does the New Mexico Bowl. Like I said, great detail from the DMN.
  • And finally, rest in peace Skip Prosser. You learn just how tight the basketball community is by reading some of the hundreds of quotes from fellow coaches. Anybody that ever talked to him is very torn up by this. My condolences to Prosser's family and the Wake Forest community.