Monday, August 6, 2007

Mizzou Links 8-06-07

So...only Fan Day yesterday for the football team, leaving this edition of Mizzou Links a little thin

  • Some good media day notes from Gabe D. HERE, along with the information on the ridiculous athleticism of Denario Alexander
  • Gabe working hard yesterday with a follow-up on new Mizzou basketball committ Miguel Paul. Nice story can be found HERE
  • Mike D with a story from yesterday on the WR's HERE, along with a piece from Blair Kerkhoff on the state of our Chase QB's HERE
  • Tom Wheatley from the STL P-D with a story on the two Mizzou women's golfers who qualified for the USGA Women's Amatuer Championship HERE
  • Graham Watson also checks in with some good info in her blog from yesterday HERE

  • And a late addition, a great find by Trrip on Aaron Crow and his summer in Cape Cod HERE
  • And another addition (rather than a new post about it)...HERE is Gabe D's practice report from this morning. Supposedly there WAS a practice yesterday, but no news of it anywhere. Anyway, yeah...if there was EVER a time to sign up for PM, now would be it...some great stuff each day.
  • Dave Matters report is located HERE, all I have to say is god bless the internet and the defense sounded quite stout today.